Black & Decker BDL100AV All-In-One SureGrip Laser Level

Does your new home need decorate? Are you a perfectionist when it comes to leveling and spacing your frames, shelving, and furniture?

The Black & Decker Laser Level is the product you want, to simplify all those leveling applications around your home! Forget to mark on the walls and to second-guess the level of your pictures- the device uses a mark free, laser technology to project a straight line, along which to drill the nail holes.

Its powerful magnet to flip the beam right or left makes OPERATIONS A PIECE OF CAKE and SUPER CONVENIENT.

The device includes audio-leveling, for those places that are out of sight, like under the tables. I COULDN'T praise this thing more if I tried!

Intended Users

Home Decorators: Those who are in the property décor business already, or who have recently moved into their houses, and have a lot of frames and shelves to hang and appliances to level,

Would be looking for a device that one can use every day and with near perfect accuracy levels. If you are one of those, choose this laser wall level.

Time Savers: We all know that to make our homes look neat and lovely, alignment is critical. This alignment, however, is not very easy to achieve.

If you need to get a lot of decent leveling done within a short time, ditch the marker, ruler, measuring tape and only rely on one product to handle all of this, the BDL100AV.

Features and Benefits

Mark free technology: Thissure grip laser levelhas mark free technology so that your pristine walls remain pristine.

No need for unsightly stops on your wall just to have a straight hanging alignment.

The sure grip laser level has a suction cup that secures the unit firmly to the wall, the mirror, or mostly any other nonporous surface and comes off smoothly, making NO VISIBLE MESS!

Durable Hold for up to 2 hours: The strong suction cup, complete with a silicone ring, holds on to most nonporous surfaces simply for a maximum of 2 hours!

The suction cup mount is very helpful and even has a forewarning indicator for when it feels it is losing suction and about to fall off.

Having said that, I found the unit is sturdy enough to handle a few accidental, falls at least.

Magnetic Attachment: A magnetic attachment helps to flip the unit from one side to the other, projecting a clean beam wherever you want to place your appliance.

Visual Level Indicator: The tool comes with a level indicator or a vial bubble that usually shows a red light when it does not detect a level and turns green when it does, as well as a useful wall mount.

Audio Signaling for Out of Sight Placements: Often, appliances and shelves need to be leveled out where you are usually not able to see well, for example under the appliance.

For those times, the device has an audio signal that keeps beeping when it does not detect a perfect alignment and gives out a steady, long tone when it does.


    • Mark free technology
    • Best laser level for hanging pictures
    • 2-hour hold on nonporous surfaces
    • Indicates when losing suction
    • Magnetic, flappable attachment
    • Visual, color changing level indicator
    • Audio Signal feature
    • Comes with alkaline batteries
    • Inexpensive, Strong and Fast
    • Strong, visible laser beam with a 15 feet range
    • Beam wraps around wall corners
    • Lightweight- 10.4 ounces
    • Compact, with dimensions of 5.8 x 2.6 x 8.4 inches
    • Easy operations
    • Handy switch for switching between modes
    • Rotation helps with micro adjustment


  • Suction cup does not hold well on rough surfaces
  • Only horizontal beam, no vertical
  • You may not lock the level into place
  • Beam only comes out of one side at a time
  • Switch slides accidentally from level to laser mode
  • Beam may fade out towards the end
  • Rubber ring may pick up some dust

What You Should Know:

  • The sure grip laser level attaches to textured walls that have a maximum depth of 1/8 inches. It wraps around wall corners too. It does not go THROUGH walls!
  • Contrary to what people are misconstruing this device for, the BDL100AV does not measure distance. It is a leveling tool, not a measuring one.
  • This All-in-One Suregrip Laser Level does NOT involve you having to bore holes in the walls. As long as your walls are more or less smooth, this device will do the trick.
  • It comes with a push pin to hang it from the wall, but there isn't need to use the pin unless you have very textured walls.

A small Trick!

In case your wall is heavily textured, or the suction cup does not work well, or you don't enjoy the idea of using a pushpin to hold the device in place, just get a thin wire to make a sort of hook and slide the head of the device into it.

Thus, it creates a makeshift hanger. Now, use a piece of cello-tape to secure your holder. It does not cost a dime, and keeps your wall completely free of pinholes! Isn’t it the easiest laser wall level?

Final Words

This reliable tool does exactly, what it was designed to do: guide a flat line to hang up shelves, mirrors and frames and to level out other appliances.

The powerful, red beam even wraps around corners, continuing 4-6 feet onto the adjacent wall to give a PERFECT alignment. The device keeps your hands free to do the actual hanging by reducing unwanted clutter (measuring tapes and rulers)!

The suction holds for hours on smooth, painted walls for COMPLETELY SMUDGEFREE WALLS and the fantastic built-in audio feature even levels appliances that your eyesight cannot reach.

The Black & Decker Laser Level is the slickest leveling device, ever! Take it from a thoroughly satisfied customer.

John Maloney

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