Black & Decker BDL170 BullsEye Auto-Leveling Laser with AnglePro

I’ve seen the troubles facing my friends and family members while decorating the new house after moving in. I might face the same problem. But when the time came to decorate my new home I didn’t have any trouble.

Thanks to some excellent products, which are designed and worked for various activities related to home decoration. I found them after doing some market research.

One of that right product is, Black & Decker Laser Lever, to be exact – “Black & Decker BDL170 BullsEye Auto-Leveling Laser With AnglePro”.

It is one of the best Laser Level in the market for home using. I am happy hanging pictures, setting up mirrors and hanging different angled items on various places of the house with perfectly lined up or angled up positions. I avoid a fair amount of time wasting by using the laser level.

Who is it for

People who want to install wallpaper borders, hang pictures, decorative items, shelving and angled application accurately in their home.

This product is a must for them for leveling those items. They will look bad or odd without alignment.

People who are working on home interior decorating projects. It helps a lot for these projects. For example, someone wants to hang items along a staircase. But without leveling properly, that will look like a mess.

People are working on any other projects, except professional ones, where wall base laser leveling is required. This device cannot function as a professional device for making negligible deficiencies in leveling.

Benefits of the Product

Black & Decker Bullseye, projects vertical and horizontal lines. These lines are used for reference points or lines for my household ‘hanging items’ like pictures, decorative pieces, mirrors, angled items, etc.

BDL170 levels automatically and makes a reference to angled lines. It levels automatically without taking any adjustments.

Also, it makes the device easy to use and gives users a hands-free comfort. I just place the leveler on the wall with or without attachment, and it levels itself accordingly.

The leveler provides an automatic reference for angled lines. It is an extra feature of this leveler.

It comes with an attachment, a wall mount, with a flip on/off the spike. Users can hang it on the wall with the help of the spike and laser leveler attach with the mount magnetically.

This way ‘no hand’ is required for the laser lever for making reference lines on the wall.

Black & Decker Bullseye auto leveling level is covered with rubber over mold for additional protection of the device.

It helps because little impacts have almost no effect on the instrument. It also has a backlight for a bright view of the angle reference points.


  • It projects vertical and horizontal lines for reference points helps to level of hanging pictures, decorating items, etc.
  • It levels automatically without needing any adjustments by hand.
  • It gives an automatic reference for angled lines.
  • It has a small backlight for clear viewing of these angled reference points.
  • It has a cooling adjustment (wall mount) with a spike for hanging the leveler on the wall.
  • The leveler is hanging freely, so users can use both hands for work.
  • The attachment spike created hole can work as a ‘pilot hole’ for making other holes.


  • Auto level adjustments are sometimes not working correctly. The error margin for that is negligible for home use, but it can’t be insignificant as a professional device.
  • The laser beams are not quite visible in the daytime while using it outdoors.

What people are querying about the product

The leveler works simple ways. First, I need to place the laser leveler on the wall with the attachment, though it can be used without that attachment if you don’t want to drill. The attachment has a spike.

I flip and expose it and press it with my thumb to make a hole in the drywall and hang the attachment along with laser leveler. Then I press the buttons left for left horizontal lines, top for vertical lines and right for right horizontal lines.

This product - bullseye auto leveling laser with angle pro, cannot project horizontal lines both side (left and right of the device) at the same time.

The device is levels itself automatically, so it gives consumers a hand free comfort. But it will not perform great under bright, sunny light. The laser beams it projects fades under sunlight and cannot see more than couple of feet.

Insider Tips

  • Shake up softly the leveler before placing it on the wall. This way sometimes might overcome the error in leveling up.
  • Keep out the reach of the children. Do not use leveler when any child is there.
  • Place the leveler and look the laser lines in a way avoiding any direct or indirect eye contact with laser beams altogether.
  • Use recommended type batteries only. Other batteries may harm the device or cannot perform functions correctly.
  • Do not use any telescope like a visual tool for viewing the laser lines and never use this device with explosive around.

Final Verdict 

Bullseye black and decker is not a product of daily use. But like all the 'other necessary but not regularly used products – first aid box, electrical primary tool, drilling tools and so on, you must have at least one in your home.

There is not a house without pictures or mirrors or decorated items or angled items and no need for hanging them without aligning. It is not only one of the great laser levels for hanging pictures in the market but also it can provide an auto reference for angled lines.

It’s unique features like auto leveling without adjustment, magnetic connection with the attachment gives the user a hands-free comfort of using it. If you are looking for a laser leveler for your home, this is the product I recommend.

John Maloney

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